Four Post Automotive Lifts at Mechanic Superstore

There are many different types of auto lifts available for your needs. Whether you need to repair a bus, SUV, or van, a Mechanic Superstore 4 post car lifts will get the job done. Read on to discover the benefits of these lifts and what you can expect from them. These lifts are great for a variety of vehicle types and have endless advantages. If you are looking for an affordable auto lift, be sure to shop at Mechanic Superstore!

Atlas Garage Pro 9000

The Atlas Garage Pro 8,000 is an 8,000-pound capacity four post storage/service lift. It is an Atlas brand product and is competitively priced. However, it has more features and benefits than some other models in the same price range. Read on to learn more about the Atlas Garage Pro 8,000. Also, check out our reviews of the other four post lifts we sell.

The Atlas Garage Pro 9000 Plus features the "lock ladder" column design system. This is unique to these models. Unlike other four post automatic lifts that rely on a manual locking mechanism, the Double Lock Safety System automatically engages when the lift is lowered. This feature allows for easy maintenance and safety. The double-lock safety system protects both the lift and its operators by automatically locking the lift after lowering the vehicle.

Dannmar D4-12

The Dannmar D4-12 is a commercial-grade, 12,000-lb. lift with an extended runway and rugged design. Its Dual-hub cable sheaves reduce stress and fatigue, and its massive 2.25" sheave axles increase the lifespan of critical components. Whether you're looking for a new lift for your garage or simply need to extend your parking space, the Dannmar D4-12 is the perfect tool for your needs.

Atlas Platinum PVL14

The Atlas Platinum PVL14 Four post automatic lift is a heavy-duty lift that is ideal for professional shops. It has dual runways that are able to accommodate multiple vehicles and is backed by an industry-leading warranty. Among its other features, it is ALI certified and has a double lock safety system. Mechanic Superstore carries these lifts in several sizes and styles, which make it easy to find the perfect lift for your needs.

Challenger D-7

Mechanic Superstore is the place to find the best quality and price on challenger D-7 four post automatic lifts. These lifts are suitable for a wide range of applications and can be easily installed by anyone. Moreover, the four-post automatic mechanism makes it easy to handle and operate, even for people who are not very familiar with mechanics. The lifts are available in different styles and sizes, and will fit any sized workshop.